GETTING HELP  - What I need to do

Psychotherapy can yield significant benefits but it also involves risks.  Since therapy often involves discussing unpleasant aspects of your life, you may experience uncomfortable feelings, like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness and helplessness.  On the other hand, psychotherapy and medicaiton has also shown to have many benefits.  Therapy often leads to better relationships, solutions to specific problems and significant reductions in feelings of distress.  In order for your therapy to be most successful you will have to do your homework and provide feedback to your therapist what it's working and what is not working.
Call (781) 334-2644 speak to an intake clinican
Be prepare to answer the following questions:
            name, address, date of birth, insurance information,
            what was the reason why you are calling for help today
At your first visit:
            Come 15 minutes before the schedule appointment
            Bring with you a list of your questions and concerns
            Medication/Therapy Evaluations are 60 minute sessions
            Therapy Evaluations are 45 minutes
Medication/Therapy Evaluations:
            Bring a list of all your present medications  and dosage
            Previous psychiatric medication taken and reason for stopping it
            Allegeries and Medication side-effects
            Medical records from your past prescriber
What should you expect after initial evaluation:
            Therapist  will provide you with feedback and treatment options
            Possible therapy techniques and strategies
            Possible medicaiton that will be prescribed and the reason for it
            Future appointments and interval between sessions
Your rights in therapy:
            Please do not hestitate to ask questions and state your concerns
            Understand that you may decline any part of your treatment
            You can request another therapist or seek treatment elsewhere