Summary of Office Policies
    Please familiarize yourself with our office policies.  If you have any questions , please call our office manger or your therapist. 
1.  Patients are responsible for being aware of current insurance
      coverage.  This includes the details of:
              *  Need for pre-certification
              *  Current coverage and copayments
              *  Deductible and/or "out of pocket"
               *  Current visits remaining
              *  Any changes in insurance coverage
2.  If you have exceeded your benefits covered you are res-
      ponsible for the full payment for any uncovered sessions.
3.  Your therapist may be required to share history, diagnosis and
      treatment plan with your insurance.  We may also be require to
     submit your medical records.  You need to realize that your family
     confidentiality may be compromised by this disclosure.

1.  To ensure quality care, regular follow up with routine office visits
       is necessary for prescriptions to be provided.
2.  There will be no early refill on ANY medication for ANY reason.
3.  There will be NO refill for lost or stolen medication this includes
       benzodiazepines and stimulants (for ADD),
4.  Medication can only be refilled in person  at the time of the
      appointment.  There wil be no refilled by phone for missed or
      cancelled appointments and you will have to wait until you can be
      seen to renew medicaiton -there will no emergency appointments.
5.  Please be aware that stopping your medication is at your own    
      risk,  this may result in withdrawal and relapse, mood and/or
       suicide issues and complications from the withdrawal.
6.  Non compliance will result in termination of care.
1.  Since your appointment time has been reserved for you,  you will
      be charged for cancellations with less than 48 hours (two business
      days) notice.  For example, if your appointment is on a Monday or
      following a long weekend, plese call on the preceding Friday. 
2.  Charges for missed appointments are not covered by your insurance
      plan and are due and payable prior to any further appointment.  Please
      note that you will be charge $55.00 for each missed appointment.
3.  Inclement weather policy,  please listen to the  school cancelation annouce-
      ment on your TV or radio.  If Lynnfield cancels school, we will assume you
      are unable to make your appointment.  Otherwise we will expect that you
      are able to get to the office.  If you do not show you will be charged.   
              Telephone Calls
1.  Please leave your full name and phone number with your message. 
      Please leave the best time of day to call.
2.  Your therapist is available for emergency phone call between sessions
       and there will be no charge for calls up to 10 mintues in duration. 
       However, beyond 10 minutes there will be prorated charge on our
       hourly fee. 
              Payment Policies
1.  Payment is expected at the time of appointment. We accept cash,
      check, or debit, flex spending or credit card (Master Card or Visa).
2.  Request for written reports, letters and/or records will incur addit-
      tional charges.  Before any of these items are release payment is 
3.  There is a $35.00 charge for returned checks.
4.  Balance over 30 days will be billed at 18% annual percentage rate.
       Any balance over 90 days will go directly to a collection agency