When Should I Consider Consulting a Therapist . . . . . . 

When you:              
                *  Feel sad, blue, nervous , irritable, tense for a prolounged period of time
                *  Feel inadequate and/or  a low esteem  - feeling worthless and inferior
                *  Are stressed at work - having difficulty motivating yourself - poor attendance
                *  Having conflicts with your supervisor or peers at work
                *  Feel responsible for other's feelings and/or behavior
                *  Have difficulty in forming and/or maintaining close relationships
                *  Have to be "needed" in order to have a relationship with others
                *  Have difficulty making decisions or trouble concentrating on task
                *  Feel empty and incomplete when alone
                *  Feel there are certain things that you did that you can never tell anyone
                *  Are told by family members that they are concern about your drinking or drug usage
                *  Feel guilt about your drinking  and/or drug use
                *  Feel annoyed by criticism about your drinking and/or drug use
                *  Are struggling with your eating - either avoiding eating or binge eating
                *  Had a past truamatic incident that you can't get beyond
                *  Are concern about your health and worry excessively about your health
                *  Are you coping with a chronic or serious illness
                *  Are you trying to cope with a significant loss
                *  Feel overwhelmed with fears or phobias
                *  Have thoughts that life is not worth living or thinking you'd be better off dead   
When your family member:
                *  Is withdrawn and uncommunicative
                *  Is always seem to be angry
                *  Is getting in trouble at home, school, or work
                *  ie. child is struggling with growing up or problems taking responsibility
                * "Asks to talk to someone"
When your relationship and family:
                *  Is unable to resolve conflicts
                *  Is repeating negative patterns
                *  Is lacking closeness - emotional or sexual
                *  Feels detached and disconnected from each other